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Allstone Casting is a manufacturer of architectural and ornamental precast concrete. Cast stone or precast architectural concrete stone is manufactured to simulate natural stone.  At approximately 1/3 of the cost of natural stone it has widespread acceptance in the Architectural  community. As a replacement for many masonry materials and natural stone in residential and commercial use. From our design molds, we manufacture our precast stone products to resemble the texture of stunning natural stone, so popular because of its rich textures and unique visual ability for architectureal and timeless appeal. Aside from being 1/3 of the cost of natural stone. It is extremely durable, and its versality in color and texture. Allstone casting manufactures high quality elevation elements such as columns, balusters, panels, cornices, bandings. Just present us with your project and we will create a detailed architectural design and provide you with an affordable quote.

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Allstone Casting welcomes the opportunity to create custom styles in order to meet your specific requirements. Click here to view a photo album that has some of our designs. Click here to view a photo album with pictures of some of the projects we have done. Hope this helps you with your project. Looking forward to doing business with you.

Featured Products

Choose hearth, mantel and leg to create your own custom fireplace in any of our colors and unique finishes.
Caps can be used as a decorative architectural element or as an appealing option as a top rail for balustrade system or decorative fencing system.
Trims can be used for fireplaces, windows, doors, surrounds and openings.